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Ryan and Sara's Adventures
Our House in 2003
2005 J.J. Kelly Class of '95 Reunion
Jakeb Age 0-2 (Links to 30 Pages of
Photos within this page)
Zada Elizabeth
Jake and Zada Feb. 2006
Jake and Zada March 2006
Jake and Zada March, 25 2006
Jake and Zada April, 2006
Jake and Zada April, 2006 Part II
Spring 2006
Summer 2006
August 2006
September 2006
Averie, Car, Fall Fling 2006
Knoxville Zoo 2006
Halloween 2006
Zada 2006
Jake and Zada Bathtime 2006
Grandpa's Birthday 2006
November 2006
Jakeb's 3rd Birthday 2006
Thanksgiving 2006
Post-thanksgiving 2006
Holiday Fun (Christmas Prep) 2006
Christmas Eve 2006
Christmas Morning 2006
Chirstmas in Wise 2006
Chirstmas with Hardins 2006
New Year's 2007
Aidan and Annette's visit 2007
Zada's First Tea/Birthday
More of Zada's Party
Zada's Party - Nana's Pictures
Zada's Party - Pawpaw's Pictures
Kid Adventures Feb/Mar '07
Nancy (Grandma's) Birthday/Mar '07
Hands On and Dollywood!
Easter 2007
Snow/Weston Trip
Playground/Keri's Birthday
Thomas the Tank Engine
Independence Day
Jonesborough Days
Camping Trip
Duke Dr. Trip
Warrior's Path
Father's Day/Sara's Birthday
Chucky Cheese and Cookout
Patsy's(Nana's) Birthday
Ryan's Birthday
Averie's Birthday
Fall Fling
More Fall Adventures
Dentist Visit for Jake
Great Pumpkin Patch Express
Trick-or-Treat 2007
Jakeb's 4th Birthday
Gearing up for Christmas
Christmas in Greeneville
Lilyanne's Arrival!
Lily's First Christmas
Christmas 2007 - Dad's Camera
New Year's Week
Lily 2 and 3 Weeks Old
Lily 1 Month
Sesame Street Live
Zada's Birthday!
February Around the House
March Trip To Warrior's Path!
Easter 2008
April 2008
Pigeon Forge 2008
Stalnaker Reunion
Lily at 4 months
Pawpaw and Mimi's for Memorial Day
Elizabethton and Hands On
Fathers' Day at Warriors Path
Bonepony in Bristol!
Preparing for Keri's wedding
Keri's Wedding
New Playground
Slip-n-slide action!
Blue and Gold Day '08
Tea Party
Bathtime Fun!
Issac's Birthday!
Avery's Birthday!
Circus Time
Fender's Farm Field Trip
All Hallows' Eve!
Jakeb's 5th - Polar Express!
Jakeb's 5th - Nana's Camera
Lily's 1st Birthday
Christmas 2008
Hardin's for Christmas