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Jakeb and Daddy - Dillsboro, NC


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Thanks to all who helped make Zada's first birthday such a splendid occasion! Sara calculated the total number of people there to be 40 so we're thankful to have survived as well! Thank you to all who sent Zada gifts, and to you who drove in to come see her at her first tea. She is a lucky little girl to have wonderful, loving family and friends, as are we. --Check back soon for new photos both of Christmas and the birthday tea. I should be able to get them up soon!


Wow! What a wonderful holiday we all had (some too good, I'm afraid - still asking for presents, hee, hee). We will be periodically posting new photo pages so check back often. Thank you all for making the holidays so special for us.


It's been awhile, but we are all doing great! Congratulations to Nate and Dera on their new arrival, Averie Kate! Maybe we'll have some photos up soon of their new bundle of joy. There are more new pages of pictures up so enjoy! Hope you all are able to enjoy the beauty of fall. We certainly love the view of the mountains from our backyard! Take care, and let us know how you all are.


Lots to report, but no time now. Enjoy new photos!


Wow! It's been awhile since an update, and so much has happened! Obviously, a wonderful Christmas flew by and we all received more than we deserved. There are Christmas photos that I have not gotten posted yet, and I will try to get them up shortly.

As for our newest news, well... she's doing fine. Zada had her first night at home Saturday. She did not sleep well in between feedings, but she is doing great all the same. We want to thank all the grandparents, aunts, uncle, and friends who helped us by visiting, bring food, and even helping keep an eye on Jakeb. It was overwhelming to have so much help, that I'm afraid I didn't know how to allocate all the resources available, but everyone was fantastic and Sara and I thank you so much!

See her photos under the "Photos" link above, and clicking "Zada Elizabeth". Enjoy!


First off Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We've had a wonderful and exciting couple of weeks, and thanks to you all, we pulled off a pretty great birthday for Big Jake!

A new page of photos (Number 30) is out. It includes our exciting visit to Care Bears, our wonderful visit from Joey, Betsy, Anna, and Harley (My uncle, aunt and cousins from Lawrenceburg, TN), and Jakeb's birthday party! We were so busy that we found our photos to be very lacking so if you have digital and email, please send any copies our way for inclusion on the website!

Thank you again for all the wonderful help, gifts, and patience! He was really overwhelmed!

Please continue to pray for Clay Hart (see below).


Dear Friends and Family,

My friend Selena just informed this afternoon that Brad and Bridgette (Barnette) Hart's little boy, Clay, has leukemia. They are on their way to St. Jude's today. Please place them on all your prayer lists. Bridgette is a high school friend of mine and there is an adorable picture of her and Clay at the Halloween party on our website (he's the little Hershey Kiss). . . he's just a little fella and needs the strength that only the Lord can provide.

Please pray for them.


Sara, Ryan, and Jake


Happy Halloween Everyone! We have been having a busy fall so far, but we are all doing well. We made a quick trip to Wise Saturday to see Grandma and Grandpa and to go to a Halloween Party at the Kiser's. We had a great time, and even though he didn't have a nap, Jakeb held up as well as could be expected.

We are enjoying the weather and Jakeb is getting as much outside time as he can! Today when he woke up from his nap, he immediately begged for his boots and hat!


It's a GIRL!!!!! We are astounded and elated to discover that we are going to be having a little girl in January!

Sara had the ultrasound today, and doctor said she couldn't bemore sure that it was a girl! Soooooo, I guess we'll be saving up topurchase GIRL stuff now - hee, hee!!


In July, we had Annette and Aiden Broadbridge come all the wayfrom Scottland to play for our "Fiddler on the Lawn". It was a realtreat with music and dancing which can be viewed under our photos.Hopefully we'll get to travel across the pond to see them!

Sara and Jake have been pretty sick for the last two weeksstraight (during my break between semesters, of course), but we'vestill made the most out of it by trying a trip to Pigeon Forge andGatlinburg to the Aquarium. We had a pretty good time, but Jake hadbeen sick and hadn't slept very well, so it was very touch-and-go.

This past Thursday however, we went to Bays Mtn. Park and he had a BLAST! We all did. We got to see deer, turtles, wolves, raccoons and fish! We went on a short hike, and he seemed to really have a great time!

This week will prove to be a benchmark for sure with Jakeb's first day at school! He will be going Tues and Thurs, and we think he'sgoing to love it! He will be with others kids ranging in age from 2-3,but we think he'll hold his own just fine!

Keep us abreast of all that's been happening in your lives,and we hope God blesses you as he has definitely blessed us! Take care,Ryan, Sara, and Jake.


Well, as some know my grandmother, Pauline Taylor (Big Mama),past away Friday May 13, 2005. Sara, Jake, and I rushed down to Lawrenceburg, TN Sunday and returned Tuesday. It was a very long trip,but we were able to make the most of it by getting to see lots of our family. The ceremony was flawless as was the weather, and she went home to be with God the Father. --There will be at least two new sets ofphotos posted soon. Some are photos taken by my Uncle Bobby and someare from our camera.

A poetic tribute to my Big Mama can be seen here. No words cando justice to the wonderful person she was, but this is for those of uswho enjoy remembering what is was like at "Big Mama's House". If you don't have Adobe Acrobat, here is another way to view "Big Mama's House".

For a smile amidst the sadness, here is a video of Jakeb climbing onto our bed for the second time -- believe me, the first time was a surprise. See it here.


Hello again! First, let me congratulate my sister, Keri, for graduating on Saturday. Way to go girl! I have one single photo from the dinner for her (my batteries were dead), so I'm looking for others.Please email digitals to me at

Sara, Jake, and I finally got away for a few days and headed back to Asheville. Boy, was it wonderful! We had a blast, and the photos are up! Included are photos from Chimney Rock, Lake Lure,Asheville, and the one from Keri's graduation dinner.

For one of my favorite photos from the trip converted to B/W, click here.


Happy Mother's Day! Thank you to all the wonderful moms out there. Especially thank you, Mom, for always being there when I needed you (and when I didn't think I did). I love you, and hope you enjoy your special day.

For Sara on Mother's Day... well, Jakeb has a special message for you. Click here to see it, and know that we both love you so very much!


I have no idea if this will work, but here is a link to a video file we took today with Sara's new camera. It only a minute long and the lowest quality so as to keep the size small. Click here for Jake on camera Okay, a quick experiment revealed that the best way for you to view is to Right-click ; Save Target As; and Download to your hard-drive Enjoy!.


Hey everyone, it's safe to drink your Starbucks again! What happened is a normal occurance in military life, the right arm didn'tknow what the left was doing and vice versa. Starbucks replied to the Marine Unit by telling them they couldn't donate to the troops, but what the Marine who received the letter failed to understand is that other groups were able to send it and they indeed had already sent coffee to many other units (which this one didn't know about). Read all the details here sorry for the mixup, and thanks Dad for getting us this information!The Marines there will be happy to hear the news too! They don't like thinking that they have no support from us here in the States even if it's just some coffee company.

Jake's appointment went well Tuesday! He is 33 1/3" long and weighs 24 lbs 12 oz! He's gonna be tall I guess. We are all getting better still from the terrible sickness from two weeks ago, and we thank all those who lifted us up with prayers -- they helped! Take care all.


I just received word from one of my brothers in Iraq that the US Marines attempted to get some coffee from Starbucks only to be denied by the company who stated that they didn't support the war and wouldn't support those fighting in it. This disturbs me greatly as I have often enjoyed the naughty delight of their brew.

I would like for you to think about this before purchasing from this company again. They may be free to state their opinion because of the freedoms the Armed Forces protect, but I(we) am(are)also free to envoke my(our) privilege of boycott. I propose a boycott on Starbucks.


Wow, it's been awhile since writing here! If anyone doesn't already know, we had a great holiday, and are well underway into February. We have all three been very sick the past week and half, but we are slowly recovering (we hope).


What a great first Birthday Jakeb had! Thanks to all who attended; for all the wonderful food and gifts, and for the thoughtful additions to his time capsule.


Gearing up for the first Birthday!! Hope everyone is planning to attend. It will be a blast for all. Sara has spent so much time preparing and planning! It will be great!

Of course there are new photos up, so enjoy seeing the little fella running around and getting into everything!


More new photos are posted. Enjoy! Jakeb is walking and running all over the house, and his personality is really showing through. He is tough to hold, tough to feed, tough to bathe, but easy to love.

Anyone interested in having photos of the ones I post here online can email me for the original file (much larger size). I will zip the ones you need and email them to you. You can then save them to disk or USB flash and take them to CVS, Walgreens, etc. and they usually have the Kodak Kiosk which you can then print photos from the disk. The reason I am saying this is that some have right-clicked and saved the photos I post, but they are optimized for the web so that they load much faster. They do not have very good quality for printing.Hope this helps!

Also, thanks to everyone who has visited and signed our guestbook! We love seeing how everyone is, and knowing you all visit makes this effort worthwhile. Feel free to sign it as much as you'd like.


We have new pictures up! Jakeb has begun to really walk! Sara told me he took over twenty steps tonight in the play area! He's really growing up quickly. Hope everyone is well, safe (refer to banner above), and healthy.


Our summer has been full of many wonderful adventures! We finally got away for a weekend in Asheville, NC, and the wonderful photos are posted! Click here to see them. Hope all is well with everyone! Sign the guestbook or email us to let us know how you are.


It's been a while, but we have new photos up! Click here for new pics!!

He's standing and saying "da,da"!! Growing up too fast!!


Wow, babies are great... but not easy! Sorry it's been so long since the last update, but we've had our hands full. I've put more photos of the big man so enjoy!

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and please try to stay well!


Just back from the doctor and we are excited to report that Sara's dilated 3+ cm!! They are also saying that her cervix is thinned out 80 or 90%. What does all this mean?? I think it means we are gonna have a baby... soon!!!

We still don't know exactly when, but they said that if we haven't had him by next Tuesday, we will probably be scheduled for induction on Friday.

Stay tuned for more!!!


We are still in "suspended animation" and just waiting."Thank you"'s to everyone who has helped us in any way! We have been so fortunate to have such a wonderful family and such terrific friends! Thank you for those who choose to sign the guestbook. It's just nice to see that there are folks out there seeing this site that takes a lot of time.

Since, I have your attention I would like to ask those of you able to consider going to Johnson City Mall (or somewhere close to your area) and getting an Angle off of the Salvation Army Angel Tree.It doesn't take much, but means the world to someone else. Sara and I picked one out today, and just to see all those Angels that represent a person is clarifying -- just try it


I finally have photos up of the nursery! Check them out under the Photos link above. Sara is still doing well, and is trying to gear up for the Big Day! She is already making sure she has Christmas gifts for everyone!

The good news for me is that Johnson City Power Board called today, and I start work December 1st!~!~!

Stay tuned for more updates. Doctor said Wednesday that Jakeb could come today or in two weeks!?!?

-----Take Care!


The latest news that most of you probably already know is that our Saturday shower was cancelled due to Sara's fall down three of our steps at home. Both she and Jakeb are fine. We spent around ten hours in the hospital on Saturday, and then went in Monday (11/3) for an ultrasound. He weighed in at 6 lbs. 13 oz. and has a head full of hair and BIG FEET!

Sara is still sick with an upper respiratory infection, but she is taking meds and should be over this now week old cough soon. She is at work today, but plans on making this her last week at EHS to prepare for the long anticipated arrival of Jakeb. We are ready to finally meet him and welcome him to his new home!


Everything is still going great, and we would like to extend our thanks to all those who have participated in the baby showers! They have been amazing and everyone has been so thoughtful and wonderful!

Everything seems to be on track for our November delight! We are excited and very busy! Sara and Jakeb are doing fine although it is not easy for her to carry all the weight. Jakeb is very active and seems to be trying to find his final position before he grows himself out one home and into another!
--Keep praying!



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