Big Mama's House


Big Mama's house was our house,

Smells of beans, greens, and beautiful flowers,

She was early to bed and early to rise,

Watering the garden with loving showers.


Stopping by all hours of the day,

Family and friends would stop and stay,

For Big Mama's house meant the kids could play.

And in the basement, children scared away.

Except for on Christmas Eve Day!


Food and love of which there was plenty,

And adventures at Big Mama's no less than ten or twenty,

The bluff and the creek a magnet for the youth,

Learning more than at school, and that was the truth.


Fishing and swimming,

Hiking and Biking,

Oh yeah and the park,

That was for there for the liking.


Big Mama's house was special, as was she,

Without her, only a house it would be,

For the ingredients to create a wonderland of love,

Only she had enough of.


Love and more love was all she knew,

Never a cross word, pure as the morning dew,

Her heart saw only good,

In everyone, like we all should.

A Christian like her, there are only a few.


Christian, mother, teacher, friend, student, poet, painter, singer, artist...